The Different Types Of Surfboard Fin Systems

So you’ve decided to get a new surfboard with a removable surfboard fin system. The question is, with so many different brands and different types of removable surfboard fin systems to choose from, which fin system is right for you?

Here’s a look at some of the different types of removable surfboard fins available on the market today.

FCS Surfboard Fins

FCS Surfboard Fin SystemAt the moment, FCS is the world’s leader in surfboard fin systems and for a good reason.

As the original and first surf fin companies to engage in hydrodynamic testing, most new surfboards are created with FCS fin plugs installed, and their selection of fin templates is the widest available.

For new surfers looking to buy an off-the-rack surfboard, FCS surfboard fins will be the fins you’re most likely to use.

FCS Fins have also been embraced by some of the world's best surfers and shapers, including world champ Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia, Occy, Matt Biolos, Darren Handley and Al Merrick.  It is therefore tough to look elsewhere when you know the best are designing them and using them.

Future Surfboard Fins

Future Surfboard Fin SystemFuture calls its removable surfboard fins the strongest and lightest on the market. But the reviews on Future’s fins from various surfers are mixed.

Some claim they are fantastic fins for small and medium waves, but many complain that in large waves they don’t do the job and crack easily.

However, the connection between Future Surfboard Fins and the bottom of the surfboard is generally considered to be superior to other brands.

Red X Surfboard Fins

Red X Surf Fin SystemRed X fins tend to be quite strong compared to other brands, and they use rare, cutting-edge materials for the fins themselves.

Red X surfboard fin system also allows for more customization than their competitors, allowing surfers to adjust the fins forward or backward. The ability to customize your surfboard, combined with the strong fin base, gives surfboards with Red X fins a better ride.

The downside to the Red X fins is that they do not have nearly as many fin templates as do FCS or Future Fins.

O’Fish’l Surfboard Fins

Ofishl Surfboard Fin SystemBesides having a name that’s fun to say, O’Fish’l removable surfboard fins have the most innovative connection style on the market today.

Rather than using metal screws, which rust and strip over time, the O’Fish’l system connects fins via a plastic “Z Clip”. Some surfers complain that the Z Clips are too easy to lose and too difficult to figure out, but the plus side is that the Z Clips are easily replaced.

By comparison, the metal screws are much more difficult to replace and usually require a brand new board.

While there are surfers who complain that the Z Clips come out too easily, a fin connected with the plastic Z Clip is less likely to break off or damage the board – another plus to O’Fish’l’s system.

Pro Teck Surfboard Fins

Proteck Soft Surfboard FinsPro Teck fins have a unique surfboard fin design. With a soft leading and trailing edge and a harder center core, the Pro Teck fins are designed to be more like a shark or dolphin fin.

Copying nature, the soft edges bend with the water pressure and make steering the surfboard easier. By comparison, most leading surfboard fin brands have hard edges.

The other advantage of the soft edges is a reduction in fin cuts and injuries. Anyone who’s been surfing for a while has suffered a cut or two from their fins, but not so for surfers with Pro Teck fins.

Experienced, “hard-core” surfers tend to disregard the Pro Teck surfboard fin system and its soft fins, but anyone who’s ever come close to severing an artery or winding up in a hospital due to a fin cut will appreciate Pro Teck’s wish to reduce fin-related injuries.

Choose the Removable Surfboard Fin System Thats Right for You

It would be hard to pick one single brand of surfboard fins that is bar-none the “best” of the removable surfboard fin systems. Closer to the truth is that all removable surfboard fins have their pluses and minuses.

FCS and Future Fins still remain the leaders and most popular removable surfboard fins out there.

The brands have some distinct differences, however, so read lots of reviews to seek out the opinion of surfing fins, and pick the surfboard fin system that is right for your style and your level of experience.

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