What Are Surfboard Fin Plugs?

Surfboard fin plugs are used to hold removable surf fins in place securely and is how these types of fins stay connected to the bottom of a surfboard.  This is crucial to a surfboard’s performance as the fins pass through the face of a wave.

FCS X-2 Fin Plugs

FCS X2 Fin PlugFCS design their surf fin plugs to be light and strong, simple to install, precise while not interfering with the flexibility or strength of the board, look stylish, and above all else, secure the fins firmly.

With their X-2 fin plugs, they accomplished these goals and more.

The FCS X-2 is the next evolution of surfboard fin plugs. Their proprietary blend of material, created with the collaboration of DuPont, is a custom blend of Nylon compounds and 40% glass fiber.

This creates a material with a great degree of stiffness and a high tensile strength, able to withstand repeated impacts without breaking.

The material’s dimensional stability adds to its durability, its high melting point, its resistance to abrasion, unsurpassed chemical resiliency, and excellent UV and weather resistances making it a truly revolutionary material.

Developers conducted intensive testing during development to establish this surfboard fin plug’s integrity. 2,500 sets of surf tests were conducted globally, with no reports of broken plugs.

When compared to the previous P2 plugs, impact tests showed them to be 40% stronger, lateral strain tests showed them to be 30% stronger, and torque tests showed they were 10% stronger.

Ultraviolet tests did not weaken the plugs as the chemical bond to polyester resin is comparable to the original P2 surf fin plugs and the plug strength increased, on average, 35% to 40% over the P2s.

The X-2 is the most popular fin system on the globe and preferred by some of the world’s best surfers. They have the strongest and lightest post-glass system available, with a revolutionary “H” pattern anchoring system and weight dispersement that does not disrupt the board’s natural balance.

The X-2 has the smallest individual footprint and does not interfere with rocker and tail flex. The minimal base flex and maximum energy transfer to the fins results in better performance.

The X-2 plugs are also adaptable, as they fit flush with all bottom contours while maintaining exact cant angles and keeping the shapers dots visible.

FCS Fusion Fin Plugs

Fusion FCS Surfboard Fin PlugThe creation of FCS Fusion fin plugs came about because riders needed plugs of the finest quality that were even easier to install and a system that allowed installation under the fiberglass, crafting an even higher performing fin system that is practical for the largest range of first-class fins in the world.

The Fusion features a plug molded in an unyielding polymer, creating minimum flexure throughout the system. This high-density foam insert is made of Divinycell foam, 100 kg/m3 (6.2lb/ft3) density, which establishes a firm base for the plugs.

Such a foundation is essential to dispersing any impact forces on the plug, which otherwise would cause the surf fin plug to rotate or descend into the base, fracture the above glass and significantly affect fin performance. The Fusion plug also features a revolutionary figure-eight shape, eliminating straight-line shearing of the fiberglass previously seen in other plugs.

The Fusion plug offers users 3 different cant angles; °0, 5°, and 9°, making the system simple to install while reducing fin angle errors. Such errors in pre-glass fin systems with limited cant angles resulted in lower fin performance.

The Fusion’s slightly extended plug slots allow minor fore and aft fin movements excellent for fine-tuning.

The Fusion’s shorter length permits more consistent flex with no determined weak points as compared to the surfboard fin boxes of other manufactures.  This is because the longer fin boxes create defined weak points towards the tail of the board due to the difference in flex between the board and the fin plug being too great.  This results in the board breaking.

Shorter plugs allow more flex at the tail, also resulting in a more naturally feeling board while previous longer boxes restricted the tail from moving naturally.

With the Fusion system, the problem of the surfboard fin plug being too close to the board’s rail is now obsolete. With other fin plugs, the box sits very near the rail, making installation difficult and sometimes leading builders to settle for less than desirable fin locations.  This causes fractures around the plug because of insufficient fiberglass around the back edge.

In addition, with the Fusion fin plugs the shapers dot is easily visible after installation while with other plugs the dot vanishes because the box nook is too large, resulting in doubt as to whether the fin system placement is appropriate.

Lastly, FCS Fusion surf fin plugs have lateral fin screws, meaning there is hardly any lateral flexure at the fin base, creating superior performance and increasing drive because the fin does not readily flex.

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