Red X Fins

Red X Fins have made their stand in the surfboard fin world by providing a rock solid lock system that utilizes a simple screw, stainless steel fitting and flat head screw driver.  Red X surf fins are also one of the only surfboard fin systems that provide the ability to shift your surfboard fins forward and backward for minor tweaking.

X1 Red X Fin

Red X1 Fins

The X1 surf fin is designed for making tight turns with a small surfboard or narrow tailed gun.

X2 Red X Fin

Red X2 Fins

The X2 fins are great for medium size surfers wanting speed.

X3 Red X Fin

Red X3 Fins

Featuring a wide base, the X3 Red X fins provide lots of speed for all surfers.

X4 Red X Fins

Red X4 Fins

The X4 fins will provide you with drive and holding power while still allowing you to make tight turns.

X5 Red X Fins

Red X5 Fins

A great all around fin, the X5 fins provide you with power and control.

X7 Red X Fins

Red X7 Fins

If you are looking for good drive and quick direction changes the X7 fins are the way to go.

X8 Red x Fins

Red X8 Fins

The X8 Red X fins are the favourite fins of team rider Luke Egan, proven for powerful turns and snappy directional changes.

XT-1 Red X Fins

Red XT-1 Fins

Designed by Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboard, the XT-1 fins are a twin fin set with stabilizing fin that work great in standard twin fins and fish surfboards.

XL-1 Red X Fins

Red XL-1 Fins

The XL-1 fins are one of two longboard fins offered by Red X.  This longboard fin set will increase the stability and perfromance of your longboard.

XL-2 Red X Fins

Red XL-2 Fin

The Xl-2 fin is a longboard stabilizer Red X fin.  This fin was designed by Guy Takayama and offers great stability, control and speed for your longboard.

Trailer Red X Fin

Red X Trailer Fin

This trailer fin by Red X is a great stabilizer fin for fish surfboards.

Proteck Red X Fins

Red X Proteck Fins

Red X has partnered with Proteck to create a safe fin that also performs well.

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