How To Install Surfboard Fins

It is not difficult to install surfboard fins as it is generally a very straightforward, simple process. There are surf fins that require a fin key and types that do not. Surfboard fin keys come with the fins and are necessary for their installation as they are used to loosen and tighten the fin screws that hold the fin tabs in place inside the surfboard fin plug.

How To Install FCS Surfboard Fins

Installing FCS FinsWhen installing FCS fins you first need to locate the fin screws in your FCS fin plugs. You will find them along the sides of the fin plug. If you are installing FCS side fins, make sure that the flat side of the fins are facing towards the center of the board. Look for the “L” and “R” imprinted on the base of the fins to find out which one goes on right side and which goes on the left side.

Insert the fin key into one of the fin screws and gently turn the fin key counterclockwise—to the left—to loosen the fin screw. Repeat this process on the fin screw of the other 2nd plug located on the opposite side.

It is unnecessary to remove the fin screws completely from the plug. Just loosen them enough so that the fin tabs will fit snuggly into the fin plug.  If you loosen each screw until you cannot see the tip of the fin screw inside the fin plug slot then you are good.

Next, put the tabs of the fin into the plug; make sure that they are completely inside the plug and level with the bottom of the board.

Hold the fin securely against the fin plug and tighten the first fin screw back up by inserting the fin key and turning it clockwise—to the right—until the screw is secure. Make sure not to overly tighten the fin screw, as they can crack the surrounding material, strip the screw, and/or damage the fin plug.

Now repeat this with the second fin plug screw.  Double check that both screws are sufficiently tight and that the fin tabs are secure in the plugs, by slightly tugging on the fin.

You are all finished your FCS fins go surf!

How To Install Future Fins

Future Fins InstallationThe Future Fins installation is very similar to the above method of installing FCS fins. The difference is that Future Fins only have a single fin screw instead of double screws, making installation even simpler and faster. You will again need a fin key to loosen this screw, so make sure that you have the supplied Future Fins key.

The single fin screw is found at the top of the surfboard fin box, close to the nose of the surfboard. Insert the key and loosen the fin until you cannot see the fin screw inside of the slot of the fin box. Like with installing FCS fins, it is not necessary to completely remove the fin screw, just loosen it.

Now when installing Future Fins insert the back of the fin into the back slot of the fin box first and slide the front of the fin into the front of the fin box closest to the fin screw.

Once the Future surfboard fin is secure in the fin box, begin tightening the fin screw with the fin key until the screw is tight. Do not over tighten the screw as this can strip the threads on the screw and damage the plug. Make sure that the screw is secure, and the Future Fins installation is complete.

How To Install Red X Surfboard Fins

Now that you are familiar with the basic technique to install surfboard fins that need fin keys, let take a look at how to install surfboard fins that do not need a fin key.

One such model is the Red X Fin. This model’s fin screw is located through the top of the tail, through the fin box and into the bottom of the surfboard. Simply insert the base of the fin into the fin box. Once it is in place, flip the board over while holding onto the fin, and screw the fin screw into the base of the surfboard fin. Adjust, if necessary, and then finish tightening the fin screw. That is all!

How To Install Ofishl Fins

Install Surfboard Fins OfishlOfishl Fins also do not require a fin key; they literally snap into place. These surfboard fins stay in place because of the plastic Z-clip situated at the back of the fin box.

To install these fins, put the front of the fin into the box and push it down until it gets to the leading rim of the clip.

Next, hit the top of the fin to snap the fin tightly into place. The snap is the sound of the Z-clip coming over the trailing edge of the fin, securing it completely. This type of fin will not rust, come loose, or fall off; very convenient and long lasting.

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