Future Surfboard Fins

Future Surfboard Fins are among the most sought after and are often touted as the lightest fins in the market. Future Fins have succeeded in attaining a balance of fin weight and strength.

Future Fins Chilli V2 Hex RTM

Future Chilli V2 Hex RTM Fins

Ride the Chilli fin and you will know why Chilli and Futures is a match which will put you in a surfing happy place.

Future Fins Clay Marzo Hex RTM

Future Clay Marzo Hex RTM Fins

As one of the top free surfers in the world, Clay's explosive style and innovative tail blasts has helped Future Fins create a fin for all around surfing.

Future Fins F3 Hex RTM

Future F3 Hex RTM Fins

The F3 fins are designed for the lighter riders.

Future Fins F4 Fiberglass

Future F4 Fiberglass Fins

The F4 fins are perfect for lighter riders and loose for heavier riders.

Future Fins F4 Hex RTM

Future F4 Hex RTM Fins

This Future tri fin set is identical to the F4 fiberglass fins but are made of Future's Hex RTM lightweight material.

Future Fins FAM1 Fiberglass

Future FAM1 Fiberglass Fins

This fin template is one of the most popular by Future and  is perfect for the lighter surfer with a fast,  loose style.

Future Fins FAM1 Hex RTM

Future FAM1 Hex RTM Fins

The FAM1 fin set is also available in Hex RTM construction.

Future Fins FAM3 Hex RTM

Future FAM3 Hex RTM Fins

This is the latest Future Fin design by Al Merrick for smaller riders.

Future Fins FEA Fiberglass

Future FEA Fiberglass Fins

This surfboard fin set throws buckets.

Future Fins FEA Hex RTM

Future FEA Hex RTM Fins

This version of the FEA fins comes in RTM lightweight foam hex core.

Future Fins FJC1 Fiberglass

Future FJC1 Fiberglass Fins

The FJC1 fins feature a medium sized based providing plenty of drive.

Future Fins FJC1 Hex RTM

Future FJC1 Hex RTM Fins

This version of the FJC1 fins are designed using Future's lightweight foam hex core.

Future Fins FJJ

Future FJJ Fins

The FJJ fins are the signature thruster fin set of team rider John John Florence.  These are the Future surfboard fins that the groms are shred on.

Future Fins FMB Hex RTM

Future FMB Hex RTM Fins

Designed with Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards, the FMB Future fins have been tested by the Lost surf team.

Future Fins FPS Fiberglass

Future FPS Fiberglass Fins

The FPS fins are the signature fin set of Pancho Sullivan featuring a wide base and are perfect for power surfers.

Future Fins FSA3 Hex RTM

Future FSA3 Hex RTM Fins

A thruster fin design by Simon Anderson for speed and power.

Future Fins FTP1 Hex RTM

Future FTP1 Hex RTM Fins

The FTP1 fins feature a wide base and narrow tip for high performance surfing.

Future Fins FWT Hex RTM

Future FWT Hex RTM Fins

In collaboration with surfboard shaper Wade Tokoro, Future Fins has developed the FWT fins.

Future Fins FYU Hex RTM

Future FYU Hex RTM Fins

Shaper Yoshiniori Ueda and Future Surfboar Fins have created this high performance surf fin template for fast lighter surfers.

Future Fins Rusty 5 Fin Hex RTM

Future Rusty 5-Fin Hex RTM Fins

This 5 fin set by Future Surfboard Fins and Rusty features a very unique flex pattern and is perfect for EPS surfboards.

Future Fins V2 FAM1 BlackStix

Future V2 FAM1 BlackStix Fins

This fin set features Future Fins VII Foil and is one of the most popular fin templates.

Future Fins V2 FJC1 BlackStix

Future V2 FJC1 BlackStix Fins

The V2 FJC1 BlackStix fins are the key to lots of drive.

Future Fins V2 R1 BlackStix

Future V2 R1 BlackStix Fins

If you are a larger surfer and want the BlackStix experience then the V2 R1 fins are for you.

Future Fins V2F4 Hex RTM

Future V2F4 Hex RTM Fins

Featuring Future's VII Foil and HEX RTM construction the V2F4 fins are an all around fin set for pocket surfing in small to medium surf

Future Fins V2FEA Hex RTM

Future V2FEA Hex RTM Fins

Want to surf in the pocket in medium to large sized surf?

Future Fins V3-2 F4 Natural Composite

Future V3/2 F4 Fins

Featuring a unique foil design these Future Fins with hold through more of the turn and are therefore ideal for fast, powerful surfers.

Future Fins WCT Fiberglass

Future WCT Fins

These fiberglass Future Fins are designed for progressive, high performance surfing require by WCT surfers.

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