FCS TC Red-Line Fins

FCS TC Red Line FinsRemember the ‘80s and early ‘90s when VHS, blazing boards, neon wetsuits and Tom Carroll dominated the scene?

Tom Carroll is one of the legends of surfing. Winning World Titles in ’83 and ’84 and taking the Pipeline Masters in ’87, ’90, and ’91 his solid goofy foot stance in long barrel rides and powerful under the lip snaps earned his name a place in surf history.

Now thanks to FCS you can ride the fins that Tom loves. The FCS TC Red-Line fins are based off of Tom Carroll’s favorite fin template design featuring a fin base that allows for powerful turns but a small tip for quick release through tight turns (much like Carroll’s signature under the lip snaps).

How Much Will This Fin Set Cost?

The TC Red Line fins retail for US $74.00. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

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Design and Feel

The FCS TC Red-Line fins are a thruster fin set designed for large sized surfers in the 165 to 200lb (75kg-90kg) range.

All three FCS TC Red-Line fins are the same size and have a base of 4.68” (119mm), a depth of 4.50”(114mm), with a total surface area of 15.48”2 (9984mm2). The fins also have a sweep of 32.2.

The foil of the TC Red-Line fins is “flat” and the fins are considered very stiff. They are built using FCS’ Performance Core construction material giving them a lightweight yet similar feel to traditional fiberglass fins. These fins were original made of Carbon Lite material but the new Performance Core construction gives them a smoother feel.

Another Tom Carroll option that is similar to the TC Red-Line set are the TC White Lines which are a slightly smaller fin set with more sweep and not quite as stiff, which makes them great for smooth rail to rail transitions and a loose, drivey feel.

Wave Conditions

An all around great fin set, you will have a ton of fun riding the TC Red-Line fins in just about any surf condition whether it’s your local beach break or a steep down the line point break.

The Look

FCS TC Red Line Fins LookThe TC Red-Lines are definitely old school looking with a solid black background and a red curvy line that follows the base of the fin up to the tip. There is also a cool curvy, triangular shaped red design that also follows just behind this line.

FCS TC Red Line Fins StampFCS TC Red-Line is stamped in white along the outside face of the side fins, towards the front of the fins’ base.

Surfer Specifications

The FCS TC Red-Line fins are specifically made for surfers in the large weight category making them ideal if you are a surfer weighing between 165 to 200lb (75kg-90kg).

What We Say

While we can’t claim that these fins will make you surf like Tom Carroll and pull off a Pipe Masters win, we can say that the FCS TC Red-Line Fins will be well worth your investment. They are not only a great fin design but are also very lightweight and durable due to the Performance Core Construction.  This means they should last you for a considerable number of surf adventures.

Fin Specifications
Side Fin Center Fin
Material Performance Core Performance Core
Base 4.68"
(119.0 mm)
(119.0 mm)
Depth 4.50"
(114.0 mm)
(114.0 mm)
Area 15.48"²
(9984 mm2)
(9984 mm2)
Sweep 32.2° 32.2°
Foil Flat Flat
Flex Stiff Stiff

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