FCS PC-7 Fins

FCS PC 7 FinsAnother thruster fin set designed for the heavier weight surfers are the FCS  PC-7 fins.  This fin set is designed off of the G7000 fin template and is recommended for riders that are over 160 pounds or 75 kg.

How Much Will This Fin Set Cost?

The PC-7 fins retail for US $70.00. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

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Design and Feel

The PC-7 fins are designed with FCS’ Performance Core material.  This fin material provides you with the feel of traditional fiberglass surfboard fins while offering increased performance due to its lightweight.

But the great thing about the Performance Core material for heavier surfers is that the Resin Transfer Molding process utilized by FCS creates a stiffer flex pattern.  This allows you to use your extra weight to push extremely hard on your fins through turns without losing control.

The PC-7 fins also feature FCS’ Inside Foil Technology.  This inside foil is a more advanced, asymmetrical foil design that increases lift and reduces drag, providing you with more drive and speed.  This is very beneficial to heavy weight surfers.

The PC-7 fins feature a large fin area of 15.71”2 (10137mm2) which is essential for the force that a heavy surfer will exert on them.  The fins also feature a large base of 4.52" (115mm), 4mm greater than the FCS PC-5 fins and 6mm greater than the FCS PC-3 fins.

These FCS fins sit 4.67" (119mm) deep, feature a sweep of 33.0 degrees and have a stiff flex.

Wave Conditions

Just like the G7000s the PC-7 fins are a great all around surfboard fin set for large surfers and can be used in all types of surf conditions.

The Look

The PC-7s are black in color, and you can see the Performance core hex pattern. The FCS logo and PC-7 is also stamped on the base of the fin in white.

Surfer Specifications

Built for the heavier guys out there, you should only invest in these surfboard fins if you weigh more than 160 pounds or 75 kg.

What We Think

Since these fins are based off of the already proven G7000s template you can't really go wrong here.  With its large area, large base, large depth and stiff flex, the PC7s will continue to be one of the greatest fin sets for large surfers. Add in the new Performance Core material and Inside Foil Technology and you have got everything you need to improve feel of your surfboard.

Fin Specifications

Side Fin Center Fin
Material Performance Core Performance Core
Base 4.52″
(115.0 mm)
(115.0 mm)


(119.0 mm)
(119.0 mm)


(10137 mm2)
(10137 mm2)
Sweep 33° 33°
Foil Inside Inside
Flex Stiff Stiff

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