FCS MR TX FinsAnother fin developed with Mark Richards, the MR TX Fins are for use on twin fin, super twin, or fish surfboards and are awesome if you like good holding power and lots of drive.

How Much Will This Twin Fin Set and Dynamic Stabilizer Cost?

The MR TX fins retail for US $50.00. Below are the current prices of this twin fin set with dynamic stabilizer at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

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Design and Feel

The M.R. TX fins are a specialty fin made for twin fin, super twin, or fish surfboards and are pretty much identical to the FCS MR TFX fins.  However the major different between the two fin sets is that the MR TX fins are constructed using FCS Glass Flex material.

The Glass Flex construction of these fins is designed to be identical to traditional fiberglass fins. An injection molding process is used that gives the fins a stiff, positive flex pattern with remarkable flex memory. This makes them very responsive and great if you are considering the transition from glass on fins to removable fins for the first time.

As far as fin flex goes, The FCS MR-TX fins are considered to be quite flexy due to their Glass Flex construction. Compared to the other MR fins in the FCS fin lineup, the MR TX are flexier than the MR 78 fins and have a stabilizer fin. An almost identical fin to the MR TFX fins.

The fin base of the MR TX fins is 5.06” (128mm) and they have a depth of 5.58” (142mm). The total fin area measures 21.05”2 (13580mm2) and the fin sweep is set to 33°.

The MR TX fins also include a dynamic stabilizer fin that adds maximum performance to your setup. With a base of 3.55” (90mm) and a depth of 3.66” (93mm) the stabilizer fin has a surface area of 9.61”2 (6200mm2) and a sweep of 31°. The stabilizer is also very stiff.

Wave Conditions

These are great fins for twin fin surfboards ridden in a variety of surf conditions.

The Look

The FCS MR TX fins are clear/white in color making them look just like traditional glass on fins. They also feature a MR “Superman-like” logo in black in the center of the outside face of the side fins.

Surfer Specifications

There really are no weight requirements for the type of surfer that uses the MR TX surfboard fins.

What We Say

The major difference between these fins and the other MR fins is the Glass Flex material. Therefore if you are more used to riding a flexier fin set with your twin fin surfboard then these FCS fins can be a great addition to your collection.

Fin Specifications
Twin Side Fin Stabilizer Fin
Material Glass Flex Glass Flex
Base 5.06″
(128.0 mm)
(90.0 mm)
Depth 5.58″
(142.0 mm)
(93.0 mm)
Area 21.05″2
(13580 mm2)
(6200.0 mm2)
Sweep 33° 31°
Foil Flat 50/50
Flex Flexy Stiff

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