FCS Longboard Fins

There are over 10 different FCS longboard fins for you to choose from with most available between 6 and 10 inches in length. Below are the most popular FCS longboard fin templates available.

FCS Classic Longboard Fin

FCS Classic Fin

The FCS Classic longboard fin is the perfect fin for a classic 50/50 railed longboard or adds a more traditional feel to a modern longboard.

FCS Cutaway Longboard Fin

FCS Cutaway Fin

The Cutaway is a FCS longboard fin that provides good general all round performance.

FCS Dolphin Longboard Fin

FCS Dolphin Fin

The Dolphin longboard fin is a good all round fin which works well as a tri-fin or single depending on size and type of board.

FCS EZI Trim Longboard Fin

FCS EZI-Trim Fin

The EZI-Trim FCS fin is the ideal fin for high performance longboarding.

FCS Fat Boy Longboard Fin

FCS Fat Boy Fin

Designed for longboards that surfers have trouble holding the tail in while turning hard or nose riding.

FCS Finger Longboard Fin

FCS Finger Fin

The small base and long rake allows the Finger fin to turn easily but still have hold on the nose and drive down the line.

FCS Hatchet Longboard Fin

FCS Hatchet Fin

This FCS longboard fin is well suited to old style mals with soft rolled tail edges and modern nose rider mals.

FCS PGL Longboard Fin


The PG-L fin is a longboard side fin set made with FCS' Performance Glass construction.  This offers high performance longboard fins with a progressive flex pattern.

FCS PGX Longboard Fin


A second longboard side fin set offered by FCS, the PG-X fins, are slightly larger than the PG-L side bites and are therefore perfect for heavier surfers.

FCS Single Fin Longboard Fin

FCS Single Longboard Fin

This single longboard fin is a traditional style of fin that is slightly more upright in rake with different area than the Dolphin fin.

FCS Soul Arch Longboard Fin

FCS Soul Arch Fin

The Soul Arch FCS longboard fin is an evolution of the traditional dolphin outline and is the preferred template of longboarders worldwide.

FCS Soul Flex Longboard Fin

FCS Soul Flex

The Soul Flex is very similar to the outline of the traditional dolphin fin but has a smaller fin area from base to tip. 

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