FCS Keel Fins

There are 3 FCS Keel Fins designed in a variety of FCS constructs and fin templates.  This are the Traditional FCS Fish Keel fin, the FK-1 and the FK-2.

FCS Fish Keel Fin

FCS Fish Keel Fin

Of all of the FCS keel fins, the Fish Keel is a 3 tab traditional fish keel fin made from plywood and fiberglass.

Surf Fin Details

FCS FK 1 Fish Keel Fin

FCS FK-1 Fin

A combination of the best features of the most popular fish keel template, the FK-1 fin is the ideal for all retro fish designs.

Surf Fin Details

FCS FK 2 Fish Keel Fin

FCS FK-2 Fin

This 2 tab FCS keel fin is designed for smaller boards and surfers and will result in increased performance to any small twin setup .

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