FCS K-3 Performance Core Fins

FCS K 3 Performance Core Fins

The FCS K-3 Performance Core fins were designed by 8 time World Title holder Kelly Slater. Made from his newest template the K-3 PC fins are designed to provide you with the ability to do long turning arcs on open face waves.

Over the years we have all watched Kelly Slater take the sport of surfing to new levels with his ability to adapt to any surf condition and cross his style over to anything from big bombing barrels and drops to skate style airs.

He basically lead the way to what surfing is today and dominated his 15-year pro surfing career.

Deemed the world’s greatest surfer, you can be sure that any fins that are designed with Slater’s input are going to be based off his immense experience.

How Much Will This Fin Set Cost?

The K3 Performance Core fins retail for US $85.00. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

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Design and Feel

The FCS K-3 PC fins are a thruster fin set designed to provide the medium size surfer with good drive and lots of pivot.

The side fins and center fin are of different sizes. The side fins have a base of 4.45” (113mm) and a depth of 4.61”(117mm), are larger than the center fin.  They have a total surface area of 15.11”2 (9750mm2). The side fins are also more upright than the center fin with a sweep of 34.3. The foil on the K-3 PC outer fins is “flat”.

The smaller center fin complements these side fins. This fin has a base of 4.28” (109mm), a depth of only 4.41” (112 mm) and a total area of 14.22”2 (9172mm2). The sweep of the center fin is also slightly less at 31.

These FCS K-3 fins are from the Performance Core line of FCS surfboard fins made using a process called RTM (Resin Transfer Molding).  They are therefore a very lightweight fin set that feel like traditional fiberglass fins with remarkable flex.

This design makes the FCS K-3 fins a great set of removable fins that are ideal if you love riding open face waves and doing long drawn out arcing turns.

Wave Conditions

The FCS K-3 PC fins are best for high performance surfing and can be used in waves that have a nice open face and are therefore not too hollow.

The Look

FCS K3 Performance Core Fins LookThe K-3 PC Fins are really awesome looking fins. They look very unique because they are enhanced with Uni-Flex Carbon Technology which gives them a shiny black carbon fiber looking layer.

FCS K3 PC Fins Model StampThe center of the fins have 8 circles (representing Slater’s 8 World Titles) with an off white color and hex pattern clearly visible. The K-3 PC fins also have “FCS K-3” stamped towards the base of the fins.

Surfer Specifications

The FCS K-3 PC fins are specifically made for surfers in the medium weight category making them ideal if you are a surfer weighing between 140 to 175 lb (65kg-80kg).

What We Think

This fin set is one of our favorites and the favourite of many amateur and professional surfers.  Every time you open a surf mag or watch an WQS or WCT contests you see a surfer rocking the K-3 fins. There is a reason!  Plus Kelly Slater is the best surfer in the world so obviously these fins rule!

Fin Specifications
Side Fin Center Fin
Material Performance Core Performance Core
Base 4.45"
(113.0 mm)
(109.0 mm)
Depth 4.61"
(117.0 mm)
(112.0 mm)
Area 15.11″2
(9750 mm2)
(9172 mm2)
Sweep 34.3° 31°
Foil Flat Flat
Flex Little Flex

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