FCS H-3 Nexus Medium Fins

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FCS H-3 Nexus FinsThe FCS H-3 Nexus Fins are a brand new addition to the H-3 fin series for 2010. These are the most unique and advanced surf fins by FCS featuring their new Tricoil Technology.

How Much Will This Fin Set Cost You?

The medium sized model of the H3 Nexus fins retail for US $109.99. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

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Design and Feel

Released in August of 2010 the H-3 Nexus fins are the first removable fins by FCS designed  with Tricoil Technology. This dynamic flex pattern allows for smooth transitions between turns by storing and releasing energy from turn to turn.

The fins are made using Bi-axial Carbon and Uni-directional Kevlar resulting in a unique multi directional flex pattern, increased base stiffness and reduced pressure on the fin tabs.

FCS Tricoil TechnologyThe construction process involves FCS' Resin Transfer Moulding using a PU core and epoxy resin.  The H-3 Nexus fins are therefore very strong and lightweight with each Nexus fin manufactured being identical.

The shape of the FCS H-3 Nexus fins are quite different from any other surfboard fins featuring a low aspect ratio elliptical template.  The base of the fins are also long, providing great drive.  This is combined with a highly cambered foil through the fin base further increasing drive and hold.

The tips of the H-3 Nexus fins on the other hand feature moderate volume and a low cambered foil, offering you great stability and fin release.

Wave Conditions

The FCS H-3 Nexus Medium fins can be ridden in all types of surf and will help increase drive and speed on those weak days.

The Look

The FCS H-3 Nexus Fins look like no other with their combination of materials.  Strips of Bi-axial carbon and Uni-drectional kevlar can be seen throughout the fin.  The FCS logo is stamped on the outer face of the side fins near its base. "H-3 Nexus" is also stamped beside it.

Surfer Specifications

The H3 Nexus Medium fins by FCS are recommended for surfers in the 140-175 lbs or 65 – 80 kg weight range.  These fins are also available for small and large surfers.

What We Say

FCS is consistently pushing the limits of surfboard fin technology through the development and use of new combinations of materials and unique fin templates.  With the H-3 Nexus and their TRICOIL technology, FCS has designed a fin that allows for consistent smooth surfing and increased speed.  If you are open minded and willing to experiment with advanced technology then give them a try.

Fin Specifications
Side Fins Center Fin
Material Bi-axial Carbon & Uni-directional Kevlar
Bi-axial Carbon & Uni-directional Kevlar
Base 4.45″
(113.0 mm)
(113.0 mm)
Depth 4.49″
(114.0 mm)
(114.0 mm)
Area 14.44″2
(9318 mm2)
(9318 mm2)
Sweep 34° 34°


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4 Responses to “FCS H-3 Nexus Medium Fins”

  1. Mot says:

    Currently I`m using a H2 medium set up on all my boards, the angle that these fin sit at, gets better hold in the pocket and great response into and out of turns.
    Is there`s anyone who can give any feed back on the H3?
    I found more than the flex and blah blah blah etc, it was the angle of the H2 that made any real dif…

  2. Ron's dirty mug says:

    Just ordered the fins today getting them tommorrow!!! excited

  3. Manny says:

    Mot I sure can give you feed back….

    They are simply the best fins that I have ever used.

    Fast with super hold. They are so light that they add no weight to my board unlike some other fins.

    They run a bit small so if you are right on the limit then I would suggest you move up to the next size.

    A bit pricy. However, you get what you pay for…

  4. FinPlug.com says:

    Hey Ron…Now that you’ve had the H3s for a few months what do you think?

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FCS H-3 Nexus Medium Fins

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