FCS H-2 Small Fins

The FCS H2 Small fins are the smallest fin set in the FCS H2 fins series, designed with their unique Ultra-Light Epoxy fin material.

As a member of the FCS H2 fins, the H-2 Small are the most hydrodynamically evolved fins that a lightweight surfer or grom can ride.

How Much Will This Fin Set Cost?

The H-2 Small fins retail for US $99.00. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

FCS H2 Small Fins  
US $99.00

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Design and Feel

Their Ultra-Light Epoxy construct is unique to FCS and provides surfers with the lightest fins on the market, while maintaining excellent strength, flex and foil accuracy. These fins are undoubtedly the fastest FCS fins and still maintain great hold and drive through turns.  The FCS H2 Small fins also feature FCS' Inside Foil Technology.  This asymetrical foil design features a convex outside fin face and concave inside fin face leading to an increase in lift and decrease in drag.  This aids in making these fins fast and drivey.

The H2 Small fin set have the smallest area of all three of the H2 fins, of 12.40"2 (8000mm2).  This is 1000mm2 smaller than that of the H2 Medium fins and 2000mm2 smaller than that of the H2 Large fins.  The fin base is also significantly smaller at 4.02" (102mm), making it 5mm and 11mm smaller than the base of the H2 Medium fins and H2 Large fins respectively.  Since thisFCS  fin set is designed for lightweight surfers its fin depth is 4.41" (112mm), as less depth is required to maintain hold for small surfers.  This is 6mm and 12mm less than that of the H2 Medium and H2 Large fins.

The fin sweep of the FCS H-2 Small Fins is set fairly high at 36.5° and has a fin cant of 10°.  The fins also feature a stiff flex.  These three fin design features are the same throughout the H2 fins series.

Wave Conditions

The H2 fins are designed for all surf conditions and surfing styles.  These fins can be used to surf tight in the pocket or to do big open-face carves.

The Look

The H2 small fins feature a silver carbon-fiber like appearance due to the use of Texalium, a fiberglass fabric with an aluminium coating.  This also gives the fins a hex-like core pattern.  You will also notice that the FCS logo and "H-2 Small" is stamped at the base of the fins in black.

Surfer Specifications

These H2 fins are designed for the smaller surfers weighing between 120 to 155 pounds or 55 - 70 kg.  These surf fins are therefore ideal for the groms and lightweight surfers and are not recommended for the bigger guys.

What We Say

The FCS H2 Small fins represent a new direction for surfboard fin construction and performance.  Many old school surfers tend to shy away from change but you younger guys know that change is not always a bad thing! With so many great features and suiting all surfing styles there is no justifiable reason to not own these things! Plus these fins just might turn out to be the fins all your friends are jealous of and wish they had instead of you!

Fin Specifications
  Side Fin Center Fin
Material Ultra Light Epoxy Ultra Light Epoxy
Base 4.02"
(109.0 mm)
(109.0 mm)
Depth 4.41"
(112.0 mm)
(112.0 mm)
Area 12.40"²
(8000 mm2)
(8000 mm2)
Sweep 36.5° 36.5°
Foil Inside Foil Technology Inside Foil Technology
Flex Stiff Stiff

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