FCS GS FinDo you ride twin fin surfboards or a fish but sometimes wish you had a little extra stability? How about loosening up the tail of your tri-fin setup?.. Have you ever thought about using a smaller center fin? Meet the FCS GS fin...a small trailer fin designed just for you!

How Much Will This Fin Cost?

The GS fin retails for US $15.00 as a single trailer fin and US $25.99 as a quad set (2 GS fins). Below are the current prices of this fin at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

FCS GS Fin  
US $15.00

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Design and Feel

The FCS GS fin is a single trailer fin designed for use as a complement to a fish or twin fin setup.  It is also designed to loosen up a stiff thruster. This FCS fin has a base of 3.55” (90mm) and a depth of 3.62” (92mm), with a total surface area of 9.05”2 (5837mm2). It is so small it can even fit in the pocket of your boardshorts while you surf. The fin also has a sweep of 28.9⁰ with a flat foil and stiff overall flex. The Glass Flex construction that is used on the GS trailer fin offers a feel almost identical to that of a traditional fiberglass fin using an injection molding process. This gives the fin a positive flex pattern, nice flex tip with little base flex, and a remarkable flex memory.

Wave Conditions

An FCS GS Glass Flex fin is great fun for riding all kinds of surf conditions when your regular thruster is feeling too stiff. It is especially useful when the waves are about knee to waist high and weak. By replacing your current center fin with this smaller fin you will reduce the amount of hold and drag caused by the center fin. This will result in loosening up the tail of your surfboard and often a slight increase in drive in weak conditions.

You can also add this center fin to your twin fin surfboard when the waves are a little bit bigger than you are used to. This will help to stabilize your twin fin and prevent you from skating out as much.

The Look

FCS GS Trailer Fin LookSince it is made using Glass Flex Construction this single trailer fin has the look of a traditional fiberglass fin. It is very simple with no artwork or colors… just a simple white/clear, small center fin.

Surfer Specifications

FCS Specialty FinThis FCS GS fin is a specialty fin by FCS and can therefore be used by all sized surfers.  However if used as a standard center fin for a tri-fin set up it is ideal if you are a grom or medium sized surfer.

This fin is not really ideal for a heavy surfer as it will not provide enough hold for your weight. If you are a heavy surfer you can essentially achieve the same feel by using your regular large side fins and the center fin from a medium or small fin set, such as the M5s or M3s.

If you use this FCS fin as a complement to a fish or twin fin setup then your weight really won’t matter that much.

What We Say

Whenever we see an FCS GS fin the first thing that comes to mind is a trailer fin for fun days of surfing. Adding this center trailer fin to your thruster can make pulling off 360s and reverses a breeze, or turn your skatey twin fin into an excellent small wave groveller. Even though you won’t use this surf fin for every session, we recommend you grab a GS fin just to keep in your backpack, car or board bag during your surf session. If your board isn't working that great then put it in and the difference might amaze you.

Fin Specifications
Single Trailer Fin
Material Glass Flex
Base 3.55″
(90.0 mm)
Depth 3.62″
(92.0 mm)
Area 9.05″2
(5837 mm2)
Sweep 28.9°
Foil 50/50

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