FCS FK-1 Fin

FCS FK 1 Fish Keel FinThe FCS FK-1 fin is another one of the FCS keel fins designed to be used with fish surfboards.  This fish keel fin is different from the others due to it featuring a "hybrid" template.

This hybrid template combines the best features of the most popular fish keel templates, making it a very loose but drivey keel fin.

How Much Will This Fin Cost?

The FK-1 fin retails for US $70.00. Below are the current prices of this fin at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

FCS FK1- Fish Keel Fin  
US $70.00

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Design and Feel

The fin is constructed out of FCS Performance Core material.  This material makes it a very lightweight keel fin with excellent flex.  This is the same material that the FK-2 fin is design with.

The FK-1 fin features a base of 7.00" (178mm) making its fin base 1.51" smaller than the traditional FCS Fish Keel Fin.  It however has the same fin base size as the FK-2 fin.

The fin also has a depth of 5.06"(129mm) and a total area of 26.15"2 (16868mm2). It features a sweep of 32.9 degrees.  This makes the FK-1 a deeper, more upright fish fin than both the traditional FCS Fish Keel Fin and the FK-2 fin.

The FCS FK-1 fin is also a very stiff fin, stiffer than the FK-2 fin, but with similar flex to that of the Traditional Fish Keel fin.

A big difference between the design of the FK-1  and the other two fish keel fin templates is that this fin features a symmetrical 50/50 fin foil as opposed to a 80/20 foil.

This means that the FK-1 is convex on both sides allowing for even water flow across the fin providing stability and control.

The Look

This FCS fin is red in color and has FCS FK-1 stamped in white at its base. The FK-1 fin also features the internal honeycomb, hex pattern, due to its Performance Core, construct and has 3 fin tabs for increased strength.

What We Say

This is a great fish keel fin for those surfers who need a removable keel fin but want to keep it simple and effective.

The fact that FCS has created this hybrid template from a mixuture of popular fish keel templates means that you will get the best of the best with the FK-1.

Also featuring the Performance Core and 3 tabs makes it a very light and strong keel fish fin.  If you are a medium to large sized surfer and you want to add drive and carve to your retro fish design then this fin should work for you.

Fin Specifications
Material Performance Core
Base 7.00″ (178.0 mm)
Depth 5.06″ (129.0 mm)
Area 26.15″2 (16868 mm2)
Sweep 32.9°
Foil 50/50
Flex Very Stiff

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