FCS Fish Keel Fin

The FCS Fish Keel fin is 1 of 3 FCS keel fins, but this one is very unique in that it is a traditional fish keel made from plywood and fiberglass.

Since this keel fin is made with "hand laid" plywood and fiberglass it creates the traditional feel of an authentic wooden keel fin.

How Much Will This Fin Set Cost?

The Wood Fish Keel Twin Set retails for US $70.00. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

FCS Keel Wood Twin Set  
US $70.00

Design and Feel

This fin is made of FCS' Performance Glass construction providing a great flex pattern similar to that of fiberglass fins.

This FCS fin also features a unique 80/20 fin foil design.  The foil of a surfboard fin is the way the fin curves from its front edge to its trailing edge and has a dramatic effect on the amount of lift and drag the fin creates.

Most high performance fins have a 50/50 foil, or symmetrical foil, which allows for even flow across both sides of the fin.  With the fin's 80/20 foil, the outer edge of this fin is more curved than the inside edge of the fin.

What this does is it creates more stability for your fish surfboard while providing plenty of drive and a smooth traditional feel.

The FCS Fish Keel fin features a wide base of 8.51” (216mm) and alot of depth at 5.24”(133mm). The total surface area of this FCS fin is 28.37”2 (18300mm2), it is a very stiff fin overall and features a sweep of 56.4⁰.

The Look

When you look at this fish keel fin you will notice that it has 3 fin tabs as opposed to 2.  You will also notice the plywood inlay that is surrounded by fiberglass, further giving it a nice traditional feel.

What We Say

This FCS keel fin is great if you love the original wooden look and will truly complement any wooden fish surfboard. Featuring FCS' 80/20 foil this fin will also provide you with a new feel when making turns that you may never have experienced before.

Just remember that if you do decide to buy this keel fin your surfboard needs to be equipped with 3 FCS fin plugs as opposed to just 2.

Fin Specifications
Material Performance Glass
Base 8.51″ (216.0 mm)
Depth 5.24″ (133.0 mm)
Area 28.37″2 (18300 mm2)
Sweep 56.4°
Foil 80/20
Flex Very Stiff

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One Response to “FCS Fish Keel Fin”

  1. travis macdowell says:

    i just bought the POD. and i am looking for a fin such as this…. like the look of the “hand laid” plywood but super bummed it only comes in the 3 tab…..

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