3 Uniquely Designed FCS Fin Wallets

When looking for an FCS fin wallet you will find that you have 3 choices.  These are the FCS Shortboard, the FCS Deluxe and the FCS Longboard Fin Wallet.

The differences between these FCS fin wallets and cases are the number of FCS fins they can each carry, as well as the style and design of the cases themselves.

FCS Shortboard 3-Fin Wallet

3-Fin Shortboard FCS Fin Wallet3-Fin Shortboard FCS Fin Wallet Inside

The Shortboard Fin Wallet by FCS is designed out of durable PVC and 2mm ripstop, polyurethane-cotaed nylon. This provides superior protection for up to 3 sets of shortboard fins in individual pockets. There is also storage room for your surfboard fin key, fin screws, wax and other accessories.

FCS Deluxe 6-Fin Wallet

6-Fin Deluxe FCS Fin Wallet6-Fin Deluxe FCS Fin Wallet Inside

The Deluxe FCS Fin Wallet is for the serious traveling surfer!  Also made of durable PVC and nylon this fin wallet can store and protect up to 6 fin sets allowing you to travel with your entire surf fin quiver. Featuring a sleek, travel case design with a nifty handle at the top for easy carrying, this wallet is perfect for any surf trip.

FCS Longboard Fin Wallet

Longboard FCS Fin WalletLongboard FCS Fin Wallet Inside

As the name states the Longboard FCS Fin Wallet is designed with the avid longboarder in mind.  This fin wallet features a variety of compartments to hold your main longboard fins, sidebites and surf fin accessories such as a fin screw driver and FCS adapter.

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