FCS 3D Red Tip Fin

FCS 3D Red Tip FinThe FCS 3D Red Tip Fin is a single center fin that looks very different from any other surfboard fin you have ever come across before.

It is made with FCS' Carbon Lite material and has very unique surfboard fin features.

How Much Will This Fin Cost You?

The 3D Red Tip fin retails for US $59. Below are the current prices of this fin set at a variety of online stores and surf shops.

FCS 3D Red Tip Fin  
US $59.00

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Design and Feel

When you look at the the 3D Red Tip Fin it kind of looks like it could be some kind of trailer fin you would expect to find on the bottom of a submarine!

This is because this FCS fin features a very unique tip that bows or dips in the center and extends out on either side.  This results in providing you with more hold through your turns and over those dead, flat sections.

This tip also drives through turns and adds stability to your surfboard through broken, choppy water.

Another unique feature of the FCS 3D Red Tip Fin is that it is made of FCS' Carbon Lite Material making this FCS surf fin very light.

The base of this fin measures 4.26” (108mm) and it has a depth of 4.33” (110mm) .  It also features a very stiff flex.

Wave Conditions

As the 3D Red Tip Fin is great for getting through those dead, flat sections and broken water, this fin can be used on windy and weak days.

The Look

As the name implies the tip of this FCS fin is red in color and bears the print "3D" in white down the centre of the fin tip.  You will also notice the appearrance of thin-like fibers throughout the surface of the fin due to its carbon fiber construct.

The sides of the fin are a carbon fiber black and "FCS 3D RED TIP" is printed at the base of the fin on either side.

Surfer Specifications

This surfboard fin is designed to be used by all types of surfers of varying weights.

What We Say

Even though the FCS 3D Red Tip Fin is a "one fin suits all" type of fin, we still consider it to be a "specialty" fin and will not be of much benefit to a beginner surfer.  In fact, if you are a beginner surfer you probably won't  have the experience to tell the difference this center fin causes in the way your surfboard rides and feels.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced surfer, are open-minded and would like to step outside the box then we do recommend you purchase the 3D Red Tip Fin.  Try swapping it with your regular center fin on those days when the surf is just looking a bit bumpy and broken and you might be amazed at the difference you feel.

Fin Specifications
Material Carbon Lite
Base 4.26″ (108.0 mm)
Depth 4.33″ (110.0 mm)
Flex Very Stiff

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