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With the wide range of surfboard fins available on the market today surfers now have the opportunity to adjust their surfboards to suit any surf condition, turning your shortboard into an all around surfboard!

Here at FinPlug you will learn everything you need to know about surf fins through our many surfboard fins guides and will be able to decide which fins are best suited for your surfing ability and style.  You will also find a wide range of detailed specifications and reviews of the latest surf fins out there.

So if you are thinking of buying new fins but aren't sure which set of removable surf fins you should get or you would just like to learn a little more about fins in general you are in the right place!

What Are Surfboard Fins and What Do They Do?

Surfboard fins provide surfers with greater stability and control over their surfboard. These surf fins attach to the bottom of the surfboard, under the tail, and enable you to make smoother and tighter turns.

This is possible because surf fins allow the surfboard to move forward and not sideways, due to the force of the flowing water against the fins. Sliding sideways on a wave was a big problem for surfers before the development of fins.

Today's surfboards are rarely made with the glassed-in style fins of the past. In the early 1990s removable surfboard fins were developed and this invention allowed surf fins to be swapped by simply removing the old fins and attaching new ones via a screw and key locking system.

Surfers now have the freedom to use different size fins as well as fins with different angles.  This allows you to change the feel of your surfboard to suit any surf conditions.

Removable fins also make it much easier to transport your surfboard to and from the beach without damaging the fins or the board.

FCS Surfboard Fins LogoFCS Surfboard Fins

FCS surfboard fins are the leading manufacturer of removable surfboard fins. FCS surf fins are available in many models made of a wide range of composite materials.

Future Surfboard Fins LogoFuture Surfboard Fins

Future Surfboard Fins are the lightest and easiest removable surf fins to date. Ride Future surf fins and take your surfing to new heights.

Red X Surfboard Fins LogoRed X Fins

Red X fins provide surfers with a strong and simple surf fins system, featuring the ability to adjust your surfboard fins for fine tuning your surfboard.

Surfboard Fin HistoryHistory Of Surfboard Fins - Past To Present Evolution

The history of surfboard fins, from the short shallow wood fins to today's innovative removable fins, dates back as far as the 1930s.

Surfboard Fin KeyLearn How To Install Surfboard Fins

A guide to how to install surfboard fins including surfboard fin installation for FCS, Future, Red X and OFishl fins.

Surfboard Fin Design GuideSurfboard Fin Design Guide

This surfboard fin design guide will teach you about surf fin area, base, flex, sweep and much more.

Surfboard Fin Setups ExplainedTry A Different Surfboard Fin Setup

A surfer can choose from 5 different surfboard fin setups and placements with the tri fin thruster setup being the most common to date.

Surfboard Fin Systems ExplainedSurfboard Fin Systems - FCS, Future, Red X, O'Fishl, ProTeck

The most popular surfboard fin systems include FCS, Future, Red X, O'Fish'l and Proteck surfboard fin system.

Different Surfboard Fin TypesChoose The Right Type Of Surfboard Fins

There are three main surfboard fin types to choose from: glass on fins, removable fins and soft surfboard fins.

Learn Surfboard Fin PlugsSurfboard Fin Plugs - The X2 and Fusion Plugs

The two most popular surfboard fin plugs to date are the FCS X2 and FCS Fusion fin plugs.

Surfboard Fin ScrewHow To Fix A Stripped Surfboard Fin Screw

A guide to fixing a stripped surfboard fin screw of your surfboard fin plug or fin box.


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FCS K3 Performance Glass Fins
  The FCS K3 Performance Glass fins are the fins ridden by 9 time world champion surfer Kelly Slater.  

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  The FCS K2.1 Glass Flex fins are the world beating FCS surfboard fin set.  

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  The FCS M5 Fins are the most popular FCS fins from the M-series.  

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  The FCS DHD-2 Glass Flex fins are Darren Handley's signature template with an adjustable center fin.